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Typical products

The hills of Abruzzo are in a favourable climatic area;, particularly suitable to olive-tree cultivation; in fact, our olive-groves give an extra-virgin oil characterized by low acidity and DOP trade-mark.

Abruzzo's land has always been celebrated for sheep-farming. In particular, in our area, thanks to the great quantity of pastures, we make an excellent sheep cheese.


Moreover, very important is the traditional breeding of courtyard animals: these represent the essential ingredients of our dishes.

Here we list some of the specialities that you can taste in our farm:

"La Fracchiata" dish with "cicerchia" (a kind of cereal) flour base;

"La Zuppa" made with barley, buck wheat and "farro" (a cereal);

"Tajarille fave e pisill" hand-made pasta dressed with "Fave"(a kind of legume) and peas;

"La Pecorara" hand-made pasta with a ring form dressed with a sauce based on vegetables and buttermilk curd.

"Li surgett alla papere" hand-made "gnocchi" (dumplings) dressed with a tomato and goose sauce;

"Le rapplichit" a type of pasta made of buck wheat and Indian corn;

"Pollo e Peperoni" farmyard chicken cooked in frying pan with tomatoes and peppers;

"Pancetta imporchettata" flavoured bacon cooked in oven.

"Cif e Ciaf" pig stew;

"Pecorino alla mesa" "pecorino" cheese seasoned in specific wooden containers;

"La pizza doce" soft cake ("Pan di Spagna") with cream and liqueur.

"L 'rimpizl" dry cookies to dip in wine;

"La cicirchiata" cake based on fried paste, honey and almonds.

"La caciata" cake with a base of eggs, milk and flavours

"Capezzoni alla bertoniana: home made pasta ( double thickness ) , sauce of cherry tomatoes, crispy bacon and pecorino cheese.

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