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The farm is located in a hilly area situated at the bottom of the near-by mountain at a height of 400 metres. The look is immediately attracted by the great view caracterized by the mountains of "Maiella" and "Gran Sasso", the more important montuose chains of Italy center.


   Sight of the "Gran Sasso" .


Sight of the "Maiella"

Travelling only 10 km towards the "Gran Sasso", you can immerse in the natural reserve of "Voltigno" and "Valle d'Angri",where it is possible to contemplate the "Vitello d'Oro" falls and to meet Abruzzo's chamois.


The plateau of "Campo Imperatore"

Continuing your travel towards the mountains, you can easily reach "Rigopiano" and "Campo Imperatore" resorts inside of the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga's National Park.


Village of "S.Stefano di Sessanio"


Church of  "S.Maria della Pietā" ("Rocca Calascio)

sight from the castle.


Penne's town, together with the others near-by localities, offers the opportunity to know the artistic and architectonic peculiarities of Abruzzo. Two examples are the delicious medioevale village of "S. Stefano di Sessanio" and "Rocca Calascio" with its majestic castle.

Castle of "Rocca calascio" (1520 m)

Instead, if you love sea, from the farm you can reach the coast only in 30 minutes.


"Pescara"'s beach.


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